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Established 1993

The North Central Fayette County Wildlife Management Co-op
(NCFCWMC) was established February 5, 1993 with the belief that proper management of wildlife and its habitat is beneficial to all people. NCFCWMC wants to provide a healthy diverse animal and plant population for appreciative and hunting purposes. Therefore, it is important to manage areas of continuous land. 

No member shall be legally bound by any policy, except expressing their good faith and intent to comply with managing the wildlife habitat and population of their properties using the NCFCWMC principles.

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Helpful Links

www.farmland.org - A great site packed with a ton of information and research for farmers, ranchers and anyone who cares about land
Texas Department of Agriculture
Texas Parks & Wildlife
NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service
Dr. Billy Higginbotham, AgriLife Extension Fisheries and Wildlife specialist designed the site, http://feralhogs.tamu.edu
Texas Buck Registry
Deer Survey Forms:
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
200 S. Main - 203A,
Giddings, Texas 78942


Annual Meeting October 13th, 2018

The weather was better than expected and the good folks, about 130, turned out for an excellent speaker and great get together. Dr. Masser gave a very informative talk on the management of tanks/ponds. His instructions were easy to understand and it certainly let all in attendance know that he was indeed an expert in how to make our tanks/ponds work and work well. I learned that when I decided to stock the tank on my place on Frenzel Road I put in 100 catfish, 40 bluegill, and about 1000 minnows. Well, now I know the bluegills were the wrong pick for sure.

The food was exceptional evidenced by the fact that all the food that the caterer brought was gone. The dessert table was paradise to anyone with a sweet tooth. The auction, the door prize, the rifle raffle, and finally the bucket raffle kept everyone involved towards the end of the meeting.

A big THANK YOU for all who were in attendance. The next newsletter will address the scholarship program details. It will also give you information on who our next keynote speaker will be.

It was great to be in attendance with Phyllis, my daughter, and to be around my friends/neighbors. A lot of meaningful emotional hugs was the theme of the time together for me and for others.

For those that did not make note of the two websites that will instruct how to manage your tanks/ponds, here you go; http://Aquaplant.tamu.edu & http://fisheries.tamu.edu.

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North Central Fayette County Wildlife Management Co-op
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