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 Established 1993  

Goals & Guidelines

  • To bring the majority of acres in north central Fayette County under successful wildlife management practices:
    • Solicit membership participation.
    • Recruit new members and land.
  • To improve wildlife habitation and population:
    • Recommend supplement or enhance food supplies (year round food plots).
    • Maintain a yearly census record.
    • Practice wildlife management recommended by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, The Soil Conservation Service, and the Forest Service.
  • To improve landowner-hunter-neighbor relations:
    • Offer at least one yearly membership meeting.
    • Encourage members to follow association guidelines.
    • Provide demonstrations and seminars by the North Central Fayette County Wildlife Management Association with the help of the LCRA Habitat Enhancement Center and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
  • To maintain accurate harvest levels:
    • Turn records into the association.
  • To stop poaching:
    • Develop community awareness.
    • Use law enforcement to establish a watch program.
    • Post Co-op membership signs.
    • Have a community watch program.

N.C.F.C.W.M.C. Deer Density (1995-Present)


  1. 1995-1999 survey lines were run one time each
  2. 1998 survey data not available
  3. 2000: Anders Daniels to Mueller Rd. segment added and each survey line was run 3 times
  4. The routes for both the north and south were changed for the year 2010

North Central Fayette County Wildlife Management Co-op
P.O. Box 224 ~ Round Top, Texas 78954

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