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North Central Fayette County Wildlife Management Co-op

Annual Meeting
October 15, 2016

Norman Schultz opened the meeting by welcoming everyone in attendance.

Fayette County Game Warden Calvin Harbaugh spoke on several things going on in the county. Dove season has been slow overall. 20 days have been added to dove season, but it hasnít made much difference in the harvest count. So far this archery season he hasnít heard of any big bucks being taken. New regulations for Burleson County is they will have 4 doe days around thanksgiving. There will be no changes for Fayette County. The TPWD has recently been through swift water rescue training so they will be better trained to assist in emergencies such as we saw in the spring of this year. When you think there is a reason to contact a game warden, you contact the Sheriffís Department and they will direct your call. He can personally be reached on his cell number 979-966-3514. You can also call operation game thief. That number is on your hunting license.

1st Gun Raffle was drawn with Fred Wernette being the winner.

TPWD Biologist Laura Sherrod, who offices in the Lee County Courthouse Annex, spoke on MLDP Managed lands Doe Permits. In the upcoming year the process will be completely online. You will be able to get permits for both does and bucks.  Harvest data will be required to be on-line as well. For the buck permit Ė the county regulations donít apply. This is a method that can be used to harvest some of the older narrowed antlered bucks. The buck permits will be issued on a basis of approximately 1 buck permit per 300 acres. The permits canít be used along with your licenses. Permits cover both archery and rifle season and there is no overlapping on regulations.  If you are allowed to harvest one buck and you take a cull buck with your permit, that is your harvest limit. You can also go through the conservation route to request doe and buck permits. This requires working directly with Laura.

There has been a lot of concern about this yearís fawn crop due to the spring floods. There is an abundance of vegetation this year, and while the floods did take some fawns, there is still a healthy fawn population. TPWD will continue to test harvested or killed deer for chronic wasting disease. You may contact her if you have a harvested deer or see one on the road side you would like tested.  Out of the 10,000+ wild deer tested by biologists across the state (both roadkill and hunter harvested), none were positive.  The positives so far have been in the deer breeder facilities.  The last number I heard was that we have had 25 positives in deer breeder facilities thus far.

TPWD is conducting a turkey research project in Fayette County. The purpose is to track hens and find their nesting preferences and successes. Turkeys were trapped and banded with tracking devices. So far, the tracked hens have shown their nests were lost early on. The survey will continue this year. There will be a graph in the co-op newsletter showing if there has been an increase or decrease in the population.

Fred Wernette spoke about the newsletter and thanked the advertisers. He thanked his daughter for designing the newsletter and Virgie Hall for putting it together for mail out. There is a wealth of information in the newsletter. He also asked for members to submit wildlife stories to him for publication. He also reminded everyone to visit the website at www.ncfcwildlife.com for additional information.

2nd Gun Raffle was drawn with John Mabry being the winner.

Following the guest speakers Gary Goebel provided a catered BBQ meal for approximately 135 members with Pastor Willie Rotter giving the blessing.

Norman Schultz opened the general meeting by drawing 3 door prizes. He then acknowledged Lynette and Bobby Williams who represent WHEP. This year the coop sponsored a buckle for the group that was used an award for wildlife habitat competition. He also reported a $400 donation was being made to the Ledbetter, Round Top and Carmine Volunteer Fire Departments.

Next, there were nominations accepted from the floor for the three directors ending their three-year term. Those with expiring terms are: Dale Meinardus, Gary Weishuhn, and Luke Sternadel. There being no nominations, James Urban made a motion to re-elect the three by acclamation. Jim Mattier seconded the motion, the motion carried.

Audrey Sternadel read the minutes from the October 10, 2015 annual meeting. Ted Stardig made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Carlo Triolo seconded the motion, the motion carried.

Virgie Hall gave the treasurerís report. The beginning balance was $16,121.44. There was a total of $7,443.13 in expenses which included donations to youth organizations, volunteer fire departments, meeting expense and newsletter. There was a total of $8,681.95 in income which included dues, raffles, drink donations and live auction. The current balance is $17,360.26. A motion was made by Chad Tietjen and seconded by Leonard Kaspar, to accept the report as presented, the motion carried.

There being no further business, Ted Stardig made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Wayne Noak, motion carried.

Following the general business meeting the live auction was conducted by Rick Sodak.
Respectfully submitted,

Audrey Sternadel

North Central Fayette County Wildlife Management Co-op
P.O. Box 224 ~ Round Top, Texas 78954

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