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 Established 1993  


North Central Fayette County WILDLIFE Management CO-OP
Annual Meeting
October 18, 2014

Norman Schultz welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for coming. He introduced the speakers as follows:

County Agent Scott Wiley spoke on the Fayette County Coyote and Feral Hog bounty program.  He reminded everyone the rules have changed and now tails are required, not ears.

Game Warden Sonny Alaniz from Austin County was available with the Operation Game Thief trailer.  He gave a presentation on 2014 hunting rules.  Hunters are entitled to one good buck that is at least 13 inches on the inside spread.  Both antlers must be branched.  They are also entitled to a buck with at least one unbranched antler.  New this year, hunters are allowed to carry a firearm while bow hunting.  He also talked about how the game wardens are taking rotation at the border also providing border patrol. There is no state law that sets a minimum amount of acreage that can be hunted and there is no law that states how far or close a hunting blind can be from a property line.  Management permits for does must be hunted in accordance with the open season. Laura Sherrod is the local parks and wildlife biologist who issues the MLD permits.

Laura Sherrod, the new Biologist for Fayette and Lee County introduced herself to the audience. She also spoke on how to apply for MLD permits. 

Bobby Eichler, TPWD Biologist, gave a presentation on wild turkey.  He explained restoration efforts actually began back in 1905 limiting the daily bag count to 25. TWPD has been releasing turkey since 1920.  The species of turkey in this area is the Rio.  He talked about the type of habitat needed for turkeys to raise in this area.  Some of that being more grassy areas for nesting and wooded area for feeding.  The turkey lives for about 2-3 years.  The predation rate is very high for turkey especially in the first two weeks. 

Gary Goebel provided a catered BBQ sausage and brisket meal for all the members in attendance.

Norman Schultz opened the general meeting.  Audrey Sternadel read the minutes from the Annual Meeting in 2013.  Phyllis Fritsch made a motion to accept the minutes as read and it was seconded by James Urban.  Virgie Hall gave the Treasurer’s report.  She reported the current balance is $14,848.49.  It was reported the co-op gave $250 to the Ledbetter VFD, Carmine VFD and Round Top VFD.  Funds have increased over the past year in large part due to the newsletters reminding members of their dues.  There has also been an increase in new membership.  There are three directors who are ending their terms; Cordell Levien, Elgene Weyend and Virgie Hall.  There were no nominations from the floor and a motion was made by Ted Stardig and seconded by Al Gross to accept all incumbent directors by acclamation. The motion carried.

The Co-op once again recognized high school youth who have achieved their American Farmer Degree through FFA.  Less than ½ of 1 percent achieve this recognition.  This year the co-op recognized Cari Meinke and Hayden Garlin.  Audrey Sternadel presented each of them with a $150 check.  Emil Sodolak made a motion to continue supporting the youth of our co-op who receive the American Farmer Degree. The motion was seconded by Al Gross.

Fred Wernette spoke briefly to the co-op members about the difficult time he has had since the loss of his wife, and former co-op Secretary, Barbara in March of this year.  He thanked everyone for supporting him during this time. 

There being no further business, James Urban made a motion to adjourn seconded by Al Gross.

The card raffle for a gun was conducted and the bucket raffle was also announced.  Lee Fritsch and Luke Sternadel conducted the live auction.

Audrey Sternadel

Secretary NCFCWM Co-op

North Central Fayette County Wildlife Management Co-op
P.O. Box 224 ~ Round Top, Texas 78954

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