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 Established 1993  


North Central Fayette County WILDLIFE Management CO-OP
Annual Meeting
October 12, 2013

Norman Schultz welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending with all the other activities going on.

The Board members and Advisory Board members were introduced.

The keynote speaker for the evening was Carol Daniels with the AgriLife Extension office.  Ms. Daniels gave a very thorough and informative presentation on how to fire proof your home and property.  Proper maintenance of vegetation and construction materials can make the difference of losing your home or surviving a wildfire.

Rev. Willie Rotter gave the invocation prior to serving the evening meal catered by Peterís BBQ.  Following the meal, Norman Schultz opened the general meeting.

Norman gave a re-cap of the past year, noting the loss of board member Butch Marth and member Leonard Sodolak.  He reported Gary Weishuhn was doing well following a brush fire accident that caused 2nd and 3rd degree burns. 

Norman reported Fred and Barbara Wernette, the co-opís Secretary and Treasurer, respectively have moved to Bastrop County leaving the two positions vacant.  He stated Virgie Hall and Audrey Sternadel had been appointed to fill the vacant positions until elections could be held.  At this time the floor was opened for nominations for these two positions, as well as, three director positions (Luke Sternadel, Dale Meinardus and Gary Weishuhn) whose terms expire.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Emil Sodolak made a motion seconded by John Hoelscher to accept all incumbent directors and Virgie Hall and Audrey Sternadel as directors by acclamation.  The motion carried.

Audrey Sternadel, Secretary, read the minutes from the 2012 Annual Meeting.  Carl Galipp made a motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Melinda Walker. Motion carried.

Virgie Hall gave the Treasurerís Report.  Luke Sternadel made a motion to accept the report as read, seconded by Bob Mc Dowell.  The motion carried.

Emil Sodolak and Norman Schultz presented a plaque to Fred and Barbara Wernette expressing the appreciation for their years of commitment and dedication to the co-op.

Greg Matocha, from La Grange High School, attended the Parks & Wildlife program Buckskin Brigade.  He stated it was a very positive, learning experience and thanked everyone for the opportunity to attend.

Jacob Lange, Ag Teacher from the RT-C High School gave a presentation about the FFA American Farmer Degree.  Mr. Lange stated only Ĺ of 1% of the students in FFA ever reach the level of American Farmer and itís quite an honor to have 4 students from the co-op who achieved this level.  He pointed out the award is actually given during the summer after the students graduate from high school which can make it difficult to attend.  The National Conventions are held in various states requiring the student to be responsible for the air fare, hotel and meals.  He encouraged everyone to help support this great achievement.  Secretary Audrey Sternadel presented a monetary award to each of the four students.  They were Jessica Bernshausen, $250.00 (extra $100 to defray travel expenses); Michael Burton $150.00; Colton Meinke $250.00 (extra $100 to defray travel expenses); and Gavin Sternadel $150.00.

Norman Schultz opened the floor for any comments, concerns or questions from members.  Absentee land owner Carl Wendler asked that the co-op continue to mail out a newsletter and to consider purchasing higher quality bucks to be released to build up the quality of the local deer population.  It was noted that several people were working together to continue the newsletter previously published by Fred Wernette.  In regard to the purchase of bucks, Norman reported the cost for high quality bucks is very expensive and there would be no way to protect the buck once it was released.

There being no further discussion, member Dale Schultz made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Al Gross.

Two card raffles for guns were conducted, a live auction and drawing for the bucket raffle winners.

Norman Schultz closed the meeting thanking everyone for their support.

Audrey L.  Sternadel

North Central Fayette County Wildlife Management Co-op
P.O. Box 224 ~ Round Top, Texas 78954

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