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Norman Shultz welcomed and thanked all in attendance.

Norman introduced the Board members along with the Advisory Board members.

Norman introduced Fred Wernette who again thanked all those in attendance and also thanked the 27 members who in the last year submitted articles to the Co-op newsletter. 

Fred promoted the Co-opís website, www.ncfcwildlife.com and relayed that those interested should visit the site and enjoy the pictures and information available.

Fred asked those who had been married for at least 50 years to raise their hands and at least 10 to 12 couples did so.  The members gave them a hand for their accomplishment.

Fred asked that the veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and the Iraq/Afghanistan to raise their hands.  There was one from WWII and a number from the other conflicts in attendance.  They were thanked for their unselfish commitment to the safety of this country and were given a hand by the members.

Fred read off the list of Co-op members who had passed away since the last meeting and asked that all lower their heads and say a prayer for them.

Fred thanked the Keith Korenek, our Sheriff, and his wife, Trish, for attending our meeting.

Fred turned the meeting over to Norman who introduced our first presentation.

Norman introduced Scott Willey, our County Extension Agent, who spoke on the dry conditions the county was experiencing and its effect on the trees.  Scott then introduced two young gentlemen from the Buck Brigade who gave a short presentation about their experience at the Brigade camp.

Norman introduced Calvin Harbough, our Game Warden, who gave a short presentation on hunting and fishing changes.

Norman introduced Greg Pleasant, our wildlife biologist, who gave his presentation on trip in 2010 to South Africa.  His talk and slides were very revealing about life in that part of Africa.

Norman introduced Kyle Citzler who gave a short presentation on his company explaining what they are able to provide for the Co-op members.

Norman introduced Rev. Willy Rotter, who gave the invocation prior to the serving of the evening meal.

After the meal, Norman opened the general meeting.

Norman introduced Fred Wernette who read the minutes of the 2010 meeting.  The minutes were accepted by acclamation by the members.

Norman introduced Barbara Wernette who read the Treasurerís report.  Carlo Tiola motioned that the report be accepted as read.  It was seconded by Ted Stardig and accepted by acclamation by the members.

Norman reported three Board positions were open but all three members, Barbara Wernette, ElGene Weynand, and Cordell Levien, elected to stay in place for another three years.  Nominations for the open positions were requested and no one was interested.  Al Gross motioned to accept the Board members listed above.  Dale Meinardus seconded it.  The members present accepted the motion by acclamation.

Norman thanked John Hoelscher, the manager of Cooper Farm. and his wife, Lisa, for their cooperation and assistance in the use of Cooper Farm.

Norman then introduced Fred who after a drawing awarded the rifle that was raffled off.  Dale Meinardus was the winner.

Norman then introduced Lee Fritsch who presented the live auction followed by the results of the bucket raffle.

Norman closed the meeting by thanking all for their participation.

Fred E Wernette


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