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OCTOBER 16TH, 2010


Norman Schultz welcomed and thanked all in attendance

Norman Schultz introduced the Co-op Board members and the Advisory Board members to the attendees

Norman Schultz explained the absence of Greg Pleasant, our local wildlife biologist who was enjoying some time off by visiting Africa.  Norman relayed the recent deer count survey results, which indicate our deer population per 1000 acres is up from 40.30 in 2009 to 48.92 in 2010.

Fred Wernette read the minutes of the 2009 annual meeting. The minutes were accepted by acclamation by the members.

Barbara Wernette read the Treasurers report and they were accepted by acclamation by the members.

Norman Schultz reported that three Board positions were open but all three members, Luke Sternadel, Gary Weishuhn, & Dale Meinardus, elected to remain in place for another three years. Nominations were taken from the members for any one interested in running for the Board. Lorali Schultz nominated John Burkland. Mr. Burkland declined to accept the nomination. James Blamblett made a motion and Al Gross seconded the motion to accept the Board members. The members present accepted the motion.

Norman thanked John Hoelscher for his cooperation and assistance in allowing our Co-op to use Cooper Farm for its annual meeting.

Norman opened a short discussion on the Co-op sign issue. He stated that we would begin to charge for all replacement signs, $7, while new members will continue to receive signs at no charge. This situation will change as our sign inventory runs out. At that point, the Co-op will have to buy signs from a commercial sign manufacturer and the cost of those signs will possibly be split 50/50 with anyone needing either a new sign or replacement sign.

Fred Wernette introduced the guests present, Calvin Harbaugh, Game Warden, and Scott Willy, our County Extension Agent.

Fred Wernette explained the cost of the TP&W newsletter. Our Co-op is expected to pay for the printing and mailing of the publication. The newsletter is published three times a year.

Fred Wernette relayed the cost of both winter and summer food plots which has increased to $1,000 a year. Fred noted that those members who plant food plots are allowed one 50 lb bag of oats.

Fred Wernette made a plea for sponsors of our Co-op newsletter. Presently we have two sponsors, Heritage Realty and R T State Bank. The annual cost to by a sponsor is $300.

Fred Wernette mentioned that our Co-op membership is up from last year.

Fred Wernette noted the Co-op members that passed away in 2009,  Lester Goehring who was a member since 96 and Edward Mattingly who was a member since 93.

Fred Wernette mentioned that Ginger Heath, one of our Co-op members, stated that CBS had a short video regarding deer/car collision in the USA. It stated that there are 3,200 deer/car collisions a day in the USA resulting in the death of 400 people in the last two years. West Virginia is number one in collisions while Texas is rated as a low risk state. The worst months for collisions are October, November, & December. There has been a 21% increase in incidents in the last two years.

Fred Wernette promoted the bucket raffle, the rifle card raffle and the live auction asking all to participate.

Norman Schultz adjourned the meeting.

Fred E Wernette,
Director / Secretary

North Central Fayette County Wildlife Management Co-op
P.O. Box 224 ~ Round Top, Texas 78954

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