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October 10, 2009

Norman Schultz opened the meeting and welcomed all that were in attendance.

Norman Schultz requested that Fred Wernette read the minutes from the last meeting, 2008. The minutes were accepted as read by acclamation by the Co-op members present.

Norman Schultz then asked the Barbara Wernette read the Treasurerís report. Due to her being busy, Fred Wernette read the report. The report was accepted as read by acclamation by the Co-op members present.

Norman Schultz noted that the metal Co-op signs that were once provided by the TP&W without cost to the Co-op are no longer available. Currently the cost of a new sign is around $14 but that cost is not set and will more than likely increase. With this in mind, it was relayed that the cost of sign would be half to a member with the Co-op absorbing the difference. The actual cost will be whatever the market dictates.

Norman Schultz brought up the need to increase the annual dues starting in the year 2011. Norman suggested an increase of $5 for a total of $15. The discussion was then directed at the members for their input. They agreed that the dues should be increased to $20 instead of $15. It was pointed out that other Co-ops are charging more than our current $10 rate and some are at $20 or $25. It was motioned and seconded that the dues should be raised to $20 annually. The members voted in favor of the increase.

One of the Co-op members asked how the income was being spent. Norman Schultz pointed out that along with the cost of the newsletter, food plot seed, and other expenses, the Co-op would be donating $250 each to the Carmine VFD and to the Brazos Valley Hospice.

Scott Willey, our County Agent, gave a short presentation regarding his role in the county and the ways he could assist the Co-op members in wildlife management.

Willie Rotter gave a presentation regarding his classes on youth hunting.

Fred and Norman recognized the Co-op Directors for their hard work in setting up the meeting. Also recognized were Calvin Harbough, our Game Warden, Greg Pleasant, our Wildlife Biologist, Scott Shafer with AirEvac, and John Hoelscher and Ronnie Pflughaupt, the SPJST/ENC representatives.

Fred Wernette mentioned the passing of one our members, Judy Allen.

Norman Schultz introduced Linda and Mike McMurray as the featured speakers.

Calvin Harbough gave a short presentation on the hunting regs for 2009. And following Calvin, Greg Pleasant gave a presentation on the just completed deer count. Without all the numbers being processed, he indicated that the count appeared to be less than 2008. Greg also relayed that he had doe permits for anyone interested.

Norman Schultz introduced the Rev. Willie Rotter who gave the invocation. With that the meeting was adjourned.

Fred E Wernette, Secretary Director, NCFCWM Co-op


North Central Fayette County Wildlife Management Co-op
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