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Bunting Time

Painted Buntings are God's gift to us who pay attention to birds. Their incredible colors especially the male are almost overwhelming and beyond description. The female is just as brilliant with her beautiful green plumage.

These guys decided to spend a bit of time in my Cowbird Hotel. Once I saw them, I immediately took steps to free them. I could not let the opportunity pass to actually hold each of them and of course, take close up pictures. Neither of them was overly excited at being captured but once I loosened my grip, they were more than happy to take to the air. I could not hold the male in the proper position to get the effect of his multicolored plumage because if I just moved my fingers a bit, he was ready to squeeze out of my hand.

I still remember the first time I saw a male Painted Bunting. I could not believe my eyes. Male cardinals are blood red and they look like Christmas tree ornaments, and male Ruby Throat hummingbirds are very easy on the eyes, but Painted Buntings are like the best eye dessert there is.

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